Unable to add lookup column referencing a shared list with full control permissions

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The background on this is that I created a variety of lists that I then shared "full control" access with my coworkers for things such as accounts, products, contacts, ect. My coworkers are then trying to create lists which will lookup values from these shared lists. What is happening is that these shared lists do not come up as selectable options when they create a lookup column. They can go into the lists I shared and add, edit, configure, ect but can't then use these lists for lookup columns in their own. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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@mrodriguez_levi They need to be on the same site for them to show up. Any chance you are working in different places? You can look at the URL.  Below are examples to check to URLs.

SharePoint URL  - if everything is in SharePoint, make sure the sites are the same



Personal list - if it was created using Lists app, the URL will contain https://[tenant]



@PamDeGraffenreid Thanks for the reply! We are for sure on our own personal lists. It felt just strange to me that they have full access permissions where they can add, edit, and configure the list I created but there is no way for them to use the data in the list. The reason we are hesitant to use a site is that there are times where users may not want a list visible to the owner of the site but still would like to still leverage the information in the other lists. I guess that is the core of our problem. Is there a way to share certain synchronized information which we can all reference in a lookup in our personal lists?

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You should be able to do that using Power Apps.


You could also look at using the content type hub. It's a site collection where you can create site columns and content types, and share them out with other site collections.