UI bug when comments are off

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We've recently found a UI bug in SharePoint Online.


When comments are off on the homepage of a communication site, whitespace is displayed where the comment section usually appears above the footer. When you inspect the element using the developer tools in Google Chrome, you can see that the element is being rendered with no content.


<div class="qz_bv_k"><div data-viewport-id="Page.CommentsWrapper.internal.2610b4b4-550c-4548-b431-aa3ab709c184" style=""><div class="sf_bs_k" data-sp-feature-tag="Comments" data-sp-feature-instance-id="_Comments"><aside class="y_e_k" role="complementary" aria-label="Comments"><div class="aa_e_k"></div></aside></div></div></div>




Before this happened last week, the green section sat directly above the footer, without any whitespace.


Is there anything I can do to remove the space?





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Adding to this, once comments are turned off (and hence awful white space), I am not seeing how to turn the comments back on so as to wipe out that awful white space. Thoughts on how to resolve this?

I'm also waiting for this white space to be removed. Very annoying.

FYI- As of today this is now fixed, in our tenant at least. @NathanFolland 

Thanks @DaveMurray. I've just checked our sites – the whitespace has gone! :smile: