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Is it possible to show tweets from multiple accounts using the SharePoint Twitter webpart? If not is there an alternative SPFX (free) app that can do this?



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Hi Paul,

Not currently, with the Twitter web part you can only do it by single users/accounts or collections

There is an open uservoice for this which I recommend you vote for.

Alternatives include Power Automate (Flow) to post to a SharePoint list. You could use Teams for this element and use the Twitter connector which definitely pulls from multiple accounts and posts into the conversation of the channel.

Not aware of any existing SPFx apps which permit this functionality although this is designed for SharePoint and may do the job for you according to the screenshots

Still, would be good to see this functionality in the original webpart.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks, I have also added to the user voice. The SPfx app also looks interesting.



If you wanted, you could add multiple twitter web parts pointing to different twitter feeds.