Twitter webpart not working anymore - stopped showing feed!

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Hi all,
The Twitter webpart on sharepoint has suddenly stopped working. Adding any twitter @ or URL wont bring in the feed and shows nothing.


It had been working with no problem and then one morning wasn't shown on the page, and in the edit function wouldn't acknowledge any twitter feed entered. Deleted the webpart and set up again - tried on other pages and subsites and nothing!


No changes were made in sharepoint prior to this, have tried in various browsers and incognito, so no idea what's gone on.

Any one had this issue and found a solution? Is there anyway to 'reset' the webpart in the backend to start from a clean sheet?


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I am having the same issue, I can't seem to fix it.
Not sure if it is Twitter (since it's an iFrame), SharePoint or my company that made changes to break it (I don't have access to the Admin settings).