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I am tryinge to create a Titter feed on a Sharepoint Communication site. When I create on Twitter the widget and copy paste the code in the new embedded webpart I get the error : 


SXXI Communicatie - Introductiepagina

We only support embedding content from secure websites (their addresses start with https.) If it's important to embed content from unsecured websites, please send us feedback.


On a classic teamsite I paste the code in a editor webpart and it works.


I have read that the new embed webpart only supports code in "iframe" and I read that Twitter does not support iframe..... Has anyone a solution for this? Show a twitter feed on a communication site?

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Rob, take a look at today’s announcements here You’ll find a Twitter announcement in there!
That is great news! Tnx john!
By the way, if you want to embed something external from SPO you have to verify that the external site is configured in the HTML field security in SPO

Tnx Juan. 

Anyone tried the new twitter web part. i have verified the external site in the HTML field security per @Juan Carlos González Martín advice.


Data Widget ID = taken from the original embeded code

Screen Name = screen name

List name = 'left this blank as i just want to show tweets from the account'


Help would be appreciated.

Also 'connect to facebook' will not save the entered Page (the default is 'sonjasapps').  If you enter your own required page name, it just defaults back to sonjasapps.  I don't want sonja's apps :-(.


Have tried in various browsers, just in case.


I expect when new 'things' are released there will be some hiccups, but it seems none of these new web parts work.

Were you able to add the twitter webpart?

I don't see it in my communications site.

@Juan Carlos González Martín any idea how to enable it or is it not yet in GA?


This is what I have:



No Twitter webpart.

customer is on First Release (Business Premium) and for them it shows




although a few days ago they had icons!


I don't have them yet in my tenants!

hmm.. I checked in my First Release tenants.. they are not showing yet.


Have to wait.

I still can't see this web part on our tenant, any news on where this is in terms of rollout? Most of the other web parts announced at the same time are now visible, but really want to be able to make use of this.


For those that do have it available, does it only let you embed a specific feed from 1 Twitter handle, or are you able to embed a Twitter 'List'? Our organisation has multiple brands with their own Twitter handles so we created a Twitter list to aggregate them into one feed, would be good to be able to embed this on our intranet homepage.

Hi Sean, This web part is still in development but due this month per the Office 365 Roadmap: SharePoint web part: Twitter Site members will now be able to showcase Twitter feeds and individual tweets right inside SharePoint pages and news. It simple to add the Twitter web part within the layout, and then plug in the desired Twitter feed, search criteria or individual tweets. Estimated Release: February CY2018 Feature ID: 21051 Added to Roadmap: 09/13/2017 Last modified : 02/13/2018 Hope the description helps you out. FYI I’m not sure anyone has this part yet outside Microsoft :)

Hi @John Wynne and @Sean Whyment,


Did you get the Twitter web part yet?

From what I can see on the road map; searching for 21051 gives me one update in the group:Fully released updates that are now generally available for applicable customers


That should mean that it should be available for me, but I am unable to see it.

I am hoping for your help :)



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Hi Marlene, The Twitter web part has been available for a little while now. My tenant is in Targeted Release so I may see functionality not yet in production. Hopefully someone with a tenant in production can check to see if the Twitter web part is available. If you are not an admin you could ask to be put into Targeted Release for Selected Users. Hope this helps!

Thanks @John Wynne ,


I will talk to my admin about getting in the targeted release for selected users :)


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Hi @John Wynne,

I have a question, I hope for your help answering. I actually found the twitter web part and configured it and it worked nicely :) I found it on my private test site. The path for that site is XXXXX/teams/MaleneTEST/SitePages/Home.aspx so I was happy.

Today I tried to add the web part to our Intranet. The path for the site is XXXXXX/sites/Intranet/SitePages/Home.aspx

The web part is not visible on the intranet site, but it still is on my test site. Does the teams or sites in the url have any impact on the visibility of the web part? Or am I missing something? I have added to the html security in the Intranet settings.

Thanks in advance.


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It could be that the Twitter web part has not yet rolled out to your production site.

Hi @John Wynne,


Thanks for your suggestion, but my "test" site is actually in production. I just call it test and nobody but me has access to it - so that I have a place to try out what the different things look like :)

So I waited hoping for the twitter web part to appear but unfortunately no luck, no twitter web part.


Anybody that have any suggestions as to how to make a twitter web part appear on my intranet?

My "test site" path: XXXXX/teams/MaleneTEST/SitePages/Home.aspx

My Intranet path: XXXXXX/sites/Intranet/SitePages/Home.aspx


I think it is the only real difference I can think of, which is why I mention it.

Thanks in advance :)


I still don't have this web part available on any of the sites I'm looking at, which are a mixture of communication sites and group-connected team sites.