Troubleshooting Performance Issues on a site collection

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I have a site collection that "feels" very slow. It is our largest site collection. We are migrating content to this site collection and it has about 120 GB of data.


I am wondering if there are techniques that can be used to troubleshoot performance issues on O365. I really want to see what the server is doing, check performance, check error logs, etc... Of course, I can't.


I will always, of course, make sure that the page doesn't have scripts, or there are 100s of closed web parts, etc...


Is there anything I can do?

Are there new best practices for SPO performance aside from what we have always done with SP?



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Hi Eric,


Just guessing, may be the site is slow because there is migration job running on it as you mentioned that you are currently migrating data.


Regarding performance, I reckon they would be more related to client end performance and network related. You can this blog for some related diagonistic analysis -




Asish Padhy is correct...all the performance tuning / watching we can do in SPO is in regards of how the access to SPO is being done and of course verify that there are not customizations that can introduce performance problems when browsing your site. In SPO you don't have the option to see how the underlying server(s) are behaving and check any Microsoft the one that manages your SPO tenant and the farm where is located.

Then, coming to your scenario...some things to consider:
(1) We know that site collections in SPO can be very heavy in size, so the size of your Site Collection seems not to be the problem
(2) As Asish Padhy says, you are doing a migration process so that be one of the causes of the poor performance...just remember that SPO makes throttling in regards of requests being sent to the service
(3) How is your information architecture? If you have a complex information architecture, it's also a source of performance problems

I haven't been able to find the header values called out in this article. Have you been successful getting the performance values?
Although not directly addressing your issue - there is a service for monitoring O365 performance: Developed by Ex-Microsoft employee Steve Peschka.