Trouble opening files (word) from SharePoint online file library

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We have Office 365 Education where I am administrator. I have set up a file library on a SharePoint team site with read permission for students and edit for teachers. We also use the aproval/check in/out function for files. So far all good. This has worked fine for some time.


Then sometimes some documents would not load. I have tried to click and open the file many times. Some times I get this and it stands like this "forever": 


Other times this, and the circle goes round and round "forever" (right side of "Laster inn":


And other times the document shows right away. I can open the document many times after another with different result. It seems to be more trouble with some documents than others.


I have tried different things but dont know what this can be. Anyone out there who knows? Appreciate all replies.


Regards Stian Mathisen

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A follow up. After some more testing it seems to be related to first-time(s) the documents load from the document library, and that it works after a succsessful opening. The Word documents are not big, max 6 mb. I have to open them at least 5-6 times before they open. They never load if I dont close window and click the link again (opens new tab). I have tried this in Edge and Firefox in private mode with same result. To me it seems to be a server issue in Sharepoint online rather than on my computer.