Trouble formatting tables in SharePoint text web part

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When I'm working with tables in a modern SharePoint text web part, the table formatting is making me crazy. For example,

  • When I turn on bullets, the text disappears. When I turn bullets off, the text reappears.
  • There doesn't seem to be a way to set vertical alignment in cells.
  • The background color settings of the section that contains the table is ignored. It decides which color to use. For example, if I select "None" while editing the page, it looks fine. But when I publish the page, the section background is Neutral (from color scheme).
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@lisa white indeed, tables have been implemented very badly in modern SharePoint.

I discovered that creating the table in Word and then pasting it into the SharePoint text box lets me control cell alignment. (In other words, alignment settings made in Word show up in SharePoint.) Merged cells come across too. Adjusting column widths in SharePoint is very twitchy, though.


Thanks, I'll try that.