Trouble customizing SharePoint online site using Employee Onboarding template

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I'm setting up a SharePoint online site using Microsoft's Employee Onboarding template. Most of it is going well, but there are a few things I'm having trouble editing.


First, I've changed the name of the site to my desired name, but the browser still loads "[Site name] - RESEARCH & DESIGN". How do I get rid of the RESEARCH & DESIGN? I can't find that anywhere in the site settings.


Second, I love the Events template that's built in to the template that seems to run off a list. But the primary view seems to default to only showing the next 30 days of events. Where can I change that option? The page URL is [mybusiness][site]/_layouts/15/Events.aspx, and I cannot seem to find that Events page anywhere in my site content. And changing the list views doesn't seem to affect this page at all.

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