Training suggestions?




Our org currently uses a Classic SP structure across our site/site collections but soon we will begin using a Modern Page for our home page on top of the classic stack. Then eventually, we'll move to an all Modern experience across the entire site. I've been a self-taught internal Admin for about 2 years and I'm relatively comfortable behind the scenes in SP. There are tons of free videos on YouTube of course, but I still feel like I'm not getting enough information, or the "full picture", to be comfortable with a full migration. I'd like some curriculum to study and become 100% familiar with the back-end. Any suggestions on training courses you guys are aware of?


On a separate note, we're building out our dev Modern site page and it's disappointingly limited.. allows almost no customization... I understand that MS wanted to keep it simple and very OOTB but it's really not meeting our needs visually. Any suggestions there at all? Whether it be how your org applied a modern page, were you able to customize (e.g., coding on page?)... really just any feedback at all is helpful.


Thank you in advance!


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