Totals in Large List not Working

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We currently have a Sharepoint O365 List (modern view) of 7400 items that stores our inventory. As we are over the 5000 List View Threshold, we have made 4 different views to limit the rows returned (5 counting the All Items list which we don’t use).


The issue we are having is that when we set a Total Count for various columns - Sharepoint is not providing the proper number of rows.

View 1 (default view) – provides the proper count – 4084

View 2 – Total Count shown is 916  but it should be 2630

View 3 – Total Count shown is 1922 but it should be 3113

View 4 – Total Count shown is 3077 but it should be 4287


All Views are configured exactly the same. I had tried changing the default list to see if it would make a difference but it did not.


Any ideas on The Total Count issue we are experiencing?

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What column types are you totalling up?

@Steven Andrews 

We are doing a count on a Choice column.