Total Balance Sheet in Excel that sum up the Regional balance sheets, in Sharepoint

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I have 10 Excel files in our SharePoint with the sales data,  one for every region of the world.


I would like then to have a Global Excel sheet that should be the sum of of the 10 above regional files.


I could do that by opening the 10 excel files in SharePoint and summing each single cells (the relevant link) to the Global Excel Sheet. I should then refresh to get the total, every time somebody change the Regional file.


Is there a smarter way to do it? PS: I do not know Power Bi and anyway our company has only Power BI Desktop license.


Thanks !!

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Hi Marco

You could use power query to append the data together for the 10 source files

Given that the 10 is not likely to grow and become many more, this would bring the data together to be like a single file

Here is an article which could help and shows you a bit more about how it works