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I have the megamenu added to a hub site, the main sharepoint site. (")
Whenever I hit Edit it takes me to the AreaNavigationSettings.aspx page which I cannot add the elements of a mega menu making it useless.


I have gone through and created a new content database, created another hub site and it works perfectly fine, I just cannot get it to implement on the main intranet site.

I do have it set as a Hub site.

I have the Mega Menu selected.


I cannot figure out a way to resolve this. In my searching it only returns saying to click the edit menu, nothing about if that doesn't work.

If there is any additional information to help me diagnose this issue please let me know. =)


Incase you would like to see some images. =)


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Ok I was able to figure it out.

Basically the issue is that the site is the Root site. I found this information that states if the site was setup before April 2019 its a classic layout. Source

Which eventually led me to the instructions on how to "modernize" the root site. Source

So honestly all I had to do was disable the publishing feature and then everything snapped in place. Instructions