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On Sharepoint Online, we have an issue where the Top Level Navigation disappears when going to Classic View on a List/Library. I have tried all the following:

  • Check classic view settings: In SharePoint Online, the classic view may have a different navigation configuration than the modern view. Make sure that the top navigation bar is enabled for the classic view. Go to Site Settings -> Site Features and ensure that the "SharePoint Server Publishing" feature is activated.
  • Classic view master page: Check if the master page being used for the classic view has any modifications or customizations that affect the visibility of the top navigation bar. Go to Site Settings -> Master pages (under "Look and Feel") and review the settings for the master page used in the classic view. Ensure that it includes the necessary navigation elements.
  • Customizations or custom code: If there are any customizations, custom scripts, or code snippets applied to the classic view, they could be interfering with the display of the top navigation bar. Review any customizations and check for conflicts or errors that may impact the navigation.
  • Browser compatibility: Test the classic view in different browsers or try clearing the browser cache. Sometimes, browser-related issues can cause elements like the navigation bar to disappear. Ensure that you are using a supported browser for SharePoint Online classic view.

I also found this:

  • Classic view limitations: Keep in mind that the classic view in SharePoint Online may have limitations or deprecated features. It's recommended to migrate to the modern view, which provides a more robust and responsive user experience. Consider transitioning your site and content to the modern experience to leverage the latest SharePoint capabilities


So my question is that is it possible to have the Top Level Nav in Classic view any more or has it been deprecated? This is a Communications site.





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