To restore the sharepoint site that has been reset to site definition in user account

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I think my sharepoint site from work acc is reset to site definition version and the original site got deleted. About the site contents..Can i still recover form admin site collection or can you assist me to how restore from admin acc. I already tried it by going to direct replacing with main domain and site name it said “404 file not not found” and also to the other user who has access to the same site.
I am not and administrator, so i can’t check if the home page was deleted or not.If it was deleted by admin user what can i do to restore that file? Can u tell me what to do?
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To delete a site collection, you must be a site collection admin. To delete a subsite in SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server, you must either have Full Control permissions or be the subsite owner. The same goes if you want to recover it.

This link provide more information about it: 




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@Corpo185 You have the convenience of restoring your SharePoint Online Site within 93 days from the date of deletion. Simply use the following cmdlet to initiate the restoration process:

Restore-SPODeletedSite -Identity <SPOSiteURL>

For additional operations and functionalities related to deleted sites, check: