To limit domains at the organization level

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Under Sharepoint, we have enabled limit external sharing by domain and also added Allowed domains, but we can access sites from not allowed domains also how to stop this?

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@Suresh Byrareddy 


sounds like you shared some files with another domain and block this domain, and the other party can't access these files. Is that right?


@Alireza Rahimifarid

Thanks for your response,

We are looking at this scenario, We have shared SharePoint files with allowed domains like but also able to access the files, how to fix this, or is this scenario will work or not?


@Suresh Byrareddy 

Looks like you limit sharing to but before apply this limitation you already shared to

I would recommend applying Conditional Access Policy from Azure. Please check attached picture and link below.

Hope this resolve the issue :)

@Alireza RahimifaridThanks for your update, we will check