To build training center in SharePoint Online, team site or communication site?

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I am trying to build one stop shop for all the training manuals within my company. What is the best approach of site to be build for SharePoint online? Whether it should be team site or communication site? Please provide your suggestions.

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If you don't need a Group tied to the site, I would recommend to go for the Communication Site option

@KhyatiChothani we have started to implement this in our organization. We are exclusively using communication sites.


Simple description:

First off a hub site that is the “go to place” for our Academy. Connected to that site are several sites containing different training. We try to group them to not have a communication site for a “sub part” of an overall education. For instance we have one, “Office 365”, in there we create content regarding our way of using the different parts of office 365. Using page properties to be able to filter out similar content on a page. I.e a “make shift” navigation within the same area.


If/when a team would be responsible I might create a “Content team” separately and have the collaboration in there and publish content out to the Communication site.


There are probably several other ways of thinking about this. But this is where we are at the moment at least.

@KhyatiChothaniI attended SharePoint Fest in Seattle last week and one of the vendors demoed how they created a training site. It went something like this:

  • Create a Communication site with design "Topic" named "Training Home".
  • Create a Site Content Type with columns: 
    • Training Role
      • End User
      • Site Owner
    • Training Type
      • SharePoint
      • Governance
      • Something else
  • On the Communication site in the Pages Library add that Content Type. 
    • Create a couple of views. One that groups by Role and one that groups by Training type. 
  • On the home page of the Training Home site, add "List" web part for the Pages library with view "by role". Add another List web part with view "by training". 
  • Then add new Page, and create training page as you would like them to be formatted. Then save drop-down > save as template. This will allow you to recreate your pages easily with new training material.
  • Add other web parts such as: List Properties, forms, stream, and highlighted content (this will show recommended content that has same "managed property" <-- this is the searchable columns). 
  • You could save the above Communication site as a template and then create a Hub site and add several training sites to it. And a the Communication site to site designs for training. Users can instantly create a new training site with the template you created. So you don't have to rebuild a new site every time you have new training.