Title gets erased after replacing it in Documents

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I have a document library with major versioning turned on. If I populate Title on the document, save it then upload a new version of the document the Title gets erased. How do I carry all of the metadata/properties forward to the new version? I can replicate this quickly by just creating a new doc library, turn on versioning, upload a doc, edit the doc properties and set a Title, save it, upload the same doc again, when you go to the properties it's empty again. Version history shows this happened.


I know that in a document library, the basic metadata columns and Word file properties are linked and that the title column is part of the Word file.


Is there a way to get the replaced version to use the title it was using before?


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@msuser1815 I don't think there are any SharePoint out of the box options while uploading/dragging files to document library to manage the file properties.


Maybe you can try updating related Title property from word file properties itself before uploading it to document library.

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