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Fellow Sharepoint users,


I wish to make our custom logo bigger when I point to the image but SharePoint squeezes the logo down to its desired size automatically (77x77).  In html, there is a way you can specify size but not on the SharePoint interface.  Is there a way to adjust logo size in SharePoint under "Title Discussion and Logo". If not, in sharepoint designer where do I go to adjust the size, currently I can't find any option. 


In the logo and description, I put "/sites/xxx/SiteAssets/xxx.png?width="120" height="120".  In the user interface it shows logo size 70x70 too small, we can't even read our group name logo.  


Please advise,

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@N_Luu you can't use SharePoint Designer with a modern SharePoint Online site. As far as I am aware the logo size is set by Microsoft and it's not possible to change it.


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Thx, I thought so too but will see what our developers come up with as I have given up after walking around in circles. Thx for your confirmation.
Have you tried out the new extended header layout? It allows a logo size of 300px by 64px. If that still isn't big enough, you can always create a background with your logo already on it in the size that you want, but not sure how the site title and icon would work? It might just add the default icon of the square with two letters on it.

Did you mean the webpart? I have so many pages with the same logo and title. I wish to have it changed in only one central page and it applies to all.


If that isn't what you meant can you point me to how to get extended header layout?

I guess I'm unclear of what you are asking about. With the mention of logo, I thought you were referring to the header of the SharePoint site. Examples of the header options can be found at the below link.


Based on your latest response, it looks like you may want to look into setting up a page template that can be reused across the site. So whenever you create a new page, the top portion is preconfigured and can be used over and over again.