Title Column in LISTS does not show functionality anymore

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Dear Community

I have created a new List to track Lost&Found items. I have renamed the title column, created several new columns and have created different views. At some point I realised, that the title column has lost the functionality of adding a comment, sharing the item with others and opening the menu for even more options through three little icons.


Any ideas how this can be re-activated?


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This seems like a issue at Microsoft end. I have seen few other users also complaining about this issue in their tenant.


I will suggest you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this behavior: Get M365 support - Online support 


Btw, are you using standard release or targeted release tenant? I just tested on one of our targeted release tenant and it is working fine for newly created list.

In SharePoint:

ganeshsanap_0-1705928777532.pngIn Microsoft Lists


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