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I'm a newbie to SharePoint Online. I've come across an issue that I'm hoping someone can help me solve.


I have created a Custom List and retained the 'Title' column. Displaying the 'Title' column in a list view in SP2013, rather than the 'Title (linked to item)' column, would remove any hyperlink from data added to that column. This doesn't seem to be the case in SPO?


I have followed the same process in my SPO list, but the hyperlink is still active. The font size of the data in that column is also different (larger) to the data in all other columns.


Can someone please tell me how to ensure the data in the 'Title' column displays only text (no hyperlink) and is in the same font size as all other columns?     



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yes can i help you

Thanks Ahmed, If you can let me know how to resolve it, it will be much appreciated. I can't seem to find any way to remove the hyperlink and resolve the font size issue.