Tip: Make list item URL's work in SharePoint App

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Yesterday a customer of mine reported that links on a SharePoint site page didn´t work in the Android app for SharePoint. Clicking on a link resulted in "Something went wrong". During my initial investigation I discovered that all Android phones tested had the same problem, but it worked flawlessly on iPhone.


As I was responsible for building the page, I got a slight panic attack... For the customer this was a critical error, because almost all their workers have Android phones, and use the page to report serious defects, deviations, and accidents in the line of production.


First, let me explain the page content:


It´s a standard SharePoint (modern) site page with a Quick Links WP (Web Part). Each link in the Quick Links WP is supposed to open a registration form for creating new list items.

In order to get the links, I clicked the “New” button in the SharePoint list where the registrations are stored. In the panel, I then clicked Copy Link. The link generated by SharePoint was:




As I examined the URL, I began to suspect that it could be an issue with the URL encoding and how it is interpreted. What I ended up doing was decoding the URL and cleaning it up a bit:




Now, it worked both on Android and iPhone. But still, I thought that the URL was unnecessarily long, so I ultimately ended up with modifying it to:




As a conclusion: DO NOT use the built-in functionality for creating links of this type!


Hope this tip helped someone with similar issues! Hopefully, Microsoft will build a laundry machine that takes care of this in the future.

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Good tip. Luckily , Microsoft Lists app will be coming to mobile that should provide a much better native experience for working with lists, so hopefully these will deeplink over into that app or they will build in that functionality or something!