Time Zone Display


Is there a way to display the time zone in the display form? For example: Start Date   4/17/2017 7:00 AM CST


I am not looking to convert to UTC or otherwise as the system automatically does that. 


If I am in EST and my operating system is in EST, then I'd like to display EST behind the time shown.    If I am in PST looking at that same line and the time was automatically converted to display correctly in PST, as it does,  then I'd like to see the time followed by PST.  


I am having a terrible time finding a solution and I can't believe no one has had the need for that.  


My use case is that most people will look at my list and the Promo sheet from within a PowerApp  on their computers and will always see the correct time in their own time zone.  However, due to anyone around the globe wanting to capture an image that can be posted to Yammer or an image of  a promo page to be posted on an  electronic bulletin board to be viewed globally,  if someone can correlate the time zone from the image capture, then they can do the calculation themselves to make sure they attend an event at the correct time.


But, basically -- my need is no more than what is asked in the first line. 

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