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I'm really stressed out because I have spent almost 2-3 hours trying to figure out how did I succeeded before writing a title to a tile and changed the icon of the tile and everything awhile back and now I have no clue how I can bring that property that allows me to change everything. So I created a new modren page and from the webpart I added a Tile and I give up trying to change the tile not the Webpart properties. 



This is one of the tiles that I have before managed to give it a tile and changed its icon. Any help please

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Hi @MTG2030,


Can you confirm what web part you are using?



Hi Norman

Its Tile

There is no such thing as a Tile web part

@MTG2030 a screen shot with the web part being edited would help.

@Norman Young 

Here is a screenshot. I know I have missed 's' but still Tile would be enough to actually know which webpart I'm referring to.




Thank you so much

that looks like a custom web part from a 3rd party, maybe the one from Bind Tuning. I would recommend contacting them to get help.

@Dean Gross 


Thank you so much for your valuable input. I was really surprised there weren't any tutorials or videos about this webpart. I'm not sure why out of the sudden the webpart is not functioning as expected anymore. Because editing the webpart and editing the Tiles are both bringing up the same properties which belongs to Webpart properties not the Tile's properties


I had no idea that Tiles is a 3rd party product. 


This was editing the webpart


Editing the Tiles itself will brings the webpart property.



Thank you @Norman Young and @Dean Gross for your positive responses. 

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Hi @MTG2030,


@Dean Gross is correct - you should contact the vendor for support.


As an "out of the box" alternative you could use the "Quick links" web part and configure it as "Tiles". 




Sorry we couldn't help further.


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 


Thank you so much for the time you put to help. I wasn't aware of the webpart being a 3rd party product. I did indeed used the 'Quick Links' as an alternative. I would really like to thank both of you guys for spending time trying to help me. 



you are welcome. That's what we are here for. Keep posting questions and answer other peoples whenever you can :)