Thumbnail is not saved in Page Templates

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Hi all!


I have a problem in SharePoint Online where Thumbnail photos does not save in Page Templates.

I have tried in 3 Tenants now with same results. Does anyone have the same issue or even better a solution? :)


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Page Template on a Communication Site.
  2. Go to Template Details and change the thumbnail.
  3. Save the page template.
  4. Create a new page and use the new Page Template.
  5. Confirm that the thumbnail picture is still the default picture and not the one you just chose in the template.

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I have the same problem (tested in two different tenants). This seems to be a bug if I'm able to define a thumbnail for a page template, but the thumbnail is not saved to a page created from the page template.


A feeble workaround seems to be to add a picture to the page template content area (picture is automatically set as a thumbnail).