Third party Apps which can allow us to create an Org chart which have multiple roots

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I am working on sharepoint online site and we need to show our org chart inside a modern page, which reads the data from sharepoint User Profile service. but in our case our customer have multiple roots (3 CEOs) , as those 3 users own the company, and they do not have direct manager. now i found a great app named but the only issue is that it  does not support having more than one root, they offer a workaround by creating a fake manager and dynamically hide it inside the org chart, but our customer did not accept to create a fake manager inside AD and hence inside SP user profile. now i know that SP does not provide out of the box Org chart capabilities to show the full org chart inside a modern page,, so my question if anyone know a 3rd party app which can allow us to build an Org chart which have 3 roots (3 CEOs)?



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Did you find a solution to this, with an expanded Org Chart for Delve? @john john 


We're looking at third-party solutions like Hyperfish but would like more options.