There must be an error with the storage space usage info graphic

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In the SharePoint admin center you can check how much space you have used and available in the top right corner. Here is an example Image I found on a blog:


For my school this little "info graphic" looks like this: 



I highly doubt that we actually have 14 Petabytes available. And if this were true the green bar should be nonexistent. Am I missing something or is this really just a bug? 


I wanted an easy way to check how much we would have available. Is there any way I can get this number without having to calculate it myself?

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@Educator2019 I guess the question is how many licensed users do you have? You get 1 TB plus 10GB per user storage. So you would have over 30k+ users? Do y’all host all alumni email or something? I could see that adding up over time. Anyway. Could be a bug too.  

Totally agree with Chris, depending on the number of licensed students that figure could be right

Hi @Educator2019 ,


To give you a bit of context I look after a few orgs with roughly 1500 users and they have 112TB available. So by that simple maths you would have roughly 15,000 users and the numbers would be right. 


The space available to users has increased dramatically. When I first started looking after this org 2 years ago they had about 1.8TB available. Just one of the great things about a SaaS service from Microsoft they just keep extending the limits.