The title of a site page isn't fully visible to all people

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I created a site page and can upload an image, add page title and a persons name. What is see if complete. I see everything. When others go into the page, they either can't see the full title or have to scroll to view it all. I tried adding different images, deleted/add this image again and made sure that I published the page. None of that made a difference. How do I fix this so everyone sees it? 

My view: (full view)


Other's view: (Page title partially cut off)



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@Danelle270 Are you & other users viewing the SharePoint page with same browser/screen resolution?


It is strange that they cannot see the page title even in focus (expanded) mode of SharePoint page.


Also, all users are facing this issue or just one user? If only one user, ask him/her to clear browser cache & cookies and check page again.

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