The redirect after authentication trims the original URL's end fragment

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What can be done to consistently navigate both the authenticated and the yet-to-be-authenticated users to the correct URL that contains a page fragment-ID? (scenario below)


When a SharePoint Online user is provided an URL to a PDF document that is stored in a Document Library, and if the link contains a "fragment-id" as follows:


Then the document will directly display for the user, page 9, in the browser.

However if the user is NOT already logged-on to SPO, when the user authenticates through the logon sequence, the user is redirected to the following:

...file.pdf (fragment missing)

And the page fragment in the original URL is missing from the end of the redirect-URL.


Thanks in advance for your solutions

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Hi @_Neville Did you find any solution for this?

I was not able to work around this limitation. And I tweeted several MVP's about this and all I got back was crickets. Yet another "unexpected behavior" of the online platform.