The People web part is broken


The People web part no longer shows staff member's Office 365 profile pictures.


When I upload them in the Office 365 admin centre they appear everywhere else (Delve, Outlook etc) but in the web part it will not appear, not matter how many times I remove/ re-add their card.


Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 20.11.24.png

<---- People web part on team site



Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 20.12.15.png <----- Everywhere else on O365


I've seen a few posts about this on the web and i've put in a service desk ticket with Microsoft but they couldn't fix it.


Does anyone else get this issue and is there a way to force the sync to run?

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There is a major lag or issue with the photo sync, aparently if you use the web version of delve and onedrive it'll trigger a sync with the SharePoint profile, but I'm too impatient and it doesn't seem consisten. So I have started to just go to the SharePoint Online admin and profile service and edit the individuals directly there and upload their photos there as well. Once uploaded and saved there ,they will instantly appear in the people web part.

If you cannot edit because it says just that user can change their photo, you can go down to the section with the 3 lines "Picture timestamp","Picture Placeholder State:" and "Picture Exchange Sync State". and remove the values. Save the profile and open / edit it agian and then you'll be able to upload a photo.

@Chris Webb The trouble is there is so many staff that it's affecting I can't do that for every one.


Unless they just fix the bug for this one web part I'm probably going to remove them from all team sites unfortunately. 

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Pretty much everyone everywhere has been complaining about the photos for years now and it’s still not fixed. Don’t know if it ever will be. I hope someday lol.