The option "Add a content type" is gone for SharePoint Lists

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I have a problem with adding a new content type to a SharePoint list. NOT a library. A list.
To add a new content type to a list, you can click the "Add column" and then scroll to the bottom and there you *should* find the option "Add a content type".


Well, It's not there anymore.
This is what I see for every list, on every site, on every tenant I tried.


Enabling/disabling content type management doesn't help.
I can add existing content types but I can't add a new one.

So, what's going on? Has this moved?



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I'm not seeing it in any of my tenants now, either. I haven't heard anything about it being moved on purpose, but I have been getting a lot of frustrated feedback on List behaviors this week. You'll want to use the 'old' way for now: List Settings > Advanced Settings > Allow management of Content types > OK. And then on the List Settings page, 'add from existing content types'



Same behavior in our SharePoint tenant. For now, you can use Classic experience way of adding content type to SharePoint lists.


This documentation has detailed steps for same: Add a content type to a SharePoint list or library 


If you want to report this behavior to Microsoft, you can raise a support ticket with them. Follow: Get support for Microsoft 365 - Online support 

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Already found a different way... I just appended the following to my site URL:
This brings me to the content type gallery. From there, I can create them and then proceed to add them to the list as existing content type.