The News element isn't displaying posts defined by the filter.


We post weekly News posts about active projects using a tag from a "Project Tag" column. When composing the article, there's a drop down in Page Details to set the Project Tag. Then a News element is added to the page and the Filter is set to Page Properties > Project Tag equals "Smith Project".  This allows the reader to see all the articles written about the project.  


There's one project that had 9 news posts. When creating a 10th post this morning, nothing is showing up in the News element when selecting this project tag. I can choose a different project tag and those posts are filling the News element.  I thought perhaps this was an issue with the quantity of posts tagged with this Project Tag but I've removed the tags and I'm still seeing that the News element isn't showing posts tagged with this particular project.   


In fact, for my test I'm changing the Project Tag from "Smith Project" to "test" so that there's only 5 Smith Project posts. When I go back to one of the articles and change the News element to filter for Smith Project, I'm still not seeing these posts appear. HOWEVER, if I change the News element to filter for "test" posts, those DO appear!  


So, it seems that the Project Tag itself is corrupt? 

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