The Move and Copy function has disappeared from teams

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I recently started using teams and I want to move a file or folder to another folder within teams, but the move and copy function are missing from the options.  Any help?

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@Jeepguy8080 We are also missing it. Do you have any further info?

Hi @Jeepguy8080 - This could be related to the allow or prevent custom script settings. Check out this Microsoft documentation:


In particular, look at this note:


If SharePoint was set up for your organization before 2015, your custom script settings might still be set to "Not Configured" even though in the SharePoint admin center they appear to be set to prevent users from running custom script. In this case, users won't be able to copy items between SharePoint sites and between OneDrive and SharePoint. On the Settings page of the SharePoint admin center, to accept the custom script settings as they appear, select OK, and enable cross-site copying. For more info about copying items between OneDrive and SharePoint, see Copy files and folders between OneDrive and SharePoint sites

We just ran into this problem today. What has changed in Teams so that the move folder/file buttons have disappeared? We have been using this functionality for years. 



I have the same problem too. Have got 2 MSTeams spaces for 2 different companies I run. One Teams area can move and copy folders. The other doesn’t have the option. Please help.