The 'Modified By' column 'User Names' change to latest User/Modifier (2016 On Premise)

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I have a very URGENT issue I need to resolve ASAP. Not really sure when it started but it must be a while and I just noticed.


As the title sates, the issue is with the 'Modified By' column, in all our Libraries. I just noticed that the 'User Name' for all changes to a document, changed to the User Name of the person who last modified.


Ex. Lets say I have a document call "Test Doc 1" and it is at Revision 4, and lets say that Revision 1 was cheched-in/release by User 01, and  Revision 2 was cheched-in/release by User 02, and Revision 3 was cheched-in/release by User 03, and Revision 4 was cheched-in/release by User 04, if I go look at the Revision History, I will see all 4 Revisions 'Modified By' User 04.


Anyone have a clue why?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, can you please post some screenshots?

Here is a sample. SP History1.PNG

The "Modified By" for each version was a different user. I last moved it from one Library to another and the name changed to mine (System Administrator). If someone will take it from the Library I moved it to, to another Library, the "Modified By" for all versions will changes to their user ID.

@Albert Vadacchino How did you move the documents? If you used a tool or script then make sure to copy the document properties as well otherwise its changed to System user & latest date as its currently happen with your documents.