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Hello, I am following instructions for upgrading our root site to a modern communication site.  It all has gone fine.  However, I want to apply "The Landing" lookbook site template over my communication site.  When I go to "apply template" , The Landing is not an option.  Trying to deploy it from the look book does not allow it to be applied to the root.  I cant' find a single article explaining this.  Microsoft recommends using The Landing but there are no instructions how to do this.  Help?  

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@rsderby The site template with the name "The Landing" is not available in SharePoint site template settings as per below articles:

  1. Site templates are coming to SharePoint Online 
  2. Apply and customize SharePoint site templates 

"The Landing" template is available on SharePoint lookbook at: The Landing 


What error are you getting while applying it from SharePoint lookbook? Try using SharePoint tenant administrator account to apply the template from SharePoint lookbook. 

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If you apply a template from the SharePoint lookbook it will always create a brand new site collection with that template.
This works differently from the "Site Templates" Feature in SharePoint that applies the template to the current site.

I understand that you want to apply the "The Landing" template from the SharePoint Lookbook to your root site collection "https://<tenant>".

In that case go to "" and simply install the "The Landing" template to a brand new (temporary) Site Collection with a temporary url.

Then, after provisioning login as a SharePoint Administrator into SharePoint Powershell and use the Invoke-SPOSiteSwap Command to swap your old root site with the temporary "The Landing" site.

Invoke-SPOSiteSwap -SourceUrl -TargetUrl -ArchiveUrl


This worked perfectly! Thanks!