The Landing Page of Microsoft Lists Needs Work

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Anyone here know if Lists is going to be integrated into the portal anytime soon?   I assume not since it has a dedicated PWA, but you never know.


Anyways, the crux of this post is to vent some frustration about the state of the landing page, which hasn't seen any real improvement since Microsoft Lists launched a year ago.  


  • We need more than "Favorites", "Recents" and "My Lists".  For example, why is there no way to view my "Shared" lists in one place?
  • "Recents" is often littered with deleted lists that refuse to disappear.  
  • "My Lists" is coming littered with Teams Webinar Registration lists.  I didn't know this is where they'd be saved when I started using Teams Webinars, but they're utterly useless here and should not be taking up space on the landing page

There's still a lot of untapped potential with Lists, but UX and UI decisions like these make me dislike using it. 

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