The default font size and color for rich text input form in SharePoint

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The default font size for rich text input form in SharePoint seems much too small.

How do I change the default settings?

I have already tried to change the CSS file as below.

However, the output does not reflect the below settings.

I also attach the text copy of my CSS file.


.ms-rtestate-write, .ms-rtestate-write p, .ms-rtestate-read p{
font-size: 12pt;
font-family: "Meiryo UI";
color: black;

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Is this SPO? If so and you are trying to make this change in SPO, this is something not possible Today
This is in sharepoint 2010. Is this possible?
I am also looking to change the size of the checkbox text but in Excel are there any options for this if yes please specify the version of excel that is required to perform the change.