Tenant Storage Issues


First, please review this conversation including my reply:
I started a new post as ^this one is over a year old.
Same question/issues. Since my Sharepoint Admin panel shows this:

BUT any individual site shows this:

...then which should I believe when it comes to our ability to store files without unexpected and unpleasant consequences?

Edit: Beau answered this above question in the older thread....thanks Beau!


We have hundreds of video files in Dropbox, around 2TB worth that we want to move into their related team. But I can't proceed if that ^first quota bar is correct. In that case, I really need to hear about any alternative solutions.
Edit: So given that the first bar IS correct, I'd like to hear how others are dealing with large file storage as it relates to Teams/SharePoint. We need to act on this very soon.

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@kvaden357 The top value 1.25TB is the SharePoint storage allocation in your tenant. The lower value is a quota limit, but it is the lower of the two values that determines how much storage you have.


You can purchase additional storage via the Office 365 subscriptions section of the Admin Portal to increase the storage available in your tenant. e.g. to increase the current 1.25TB available.

@Steve Knutson Thanks Steve. Do you happen to know the cost/GB for a Business Premium tenant? Last I found out on the 'net it was $.20 per.

@kvaden357 that is correct. $200/month for additional 1TB of storage for SharePoint.  


The other alternative is to store video content in Stream

@Steve Knutson Thanks again. Tho' we purchased our product via reseller (GoDaddy) so I'm unsure about our ability to upgrade storage. When I've asked their TS they've not been knowledgeable re: SharePoint and storage options.
As for Stream, that might suffice for finalized internal videos but we need storage for hundreds of raw files in a file-system that is easy to navigate/upload/download/organize. I'm tinkering with Dropbox and the "Add Cloud Storage" feature in SharePoint but it appears that feature is not very polished/useful yet.