Templates for new pages do not include Topic or Showcase, any reason why?

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When I make a new page in Sharepoint, I see 3 template choices. Blank, Vision, and Basic text.

WHY don't I have Topic (which I want) and Showcase? What am I doing incorrectly?

The IT dept. says they made a Communication site which I'm using, so I am trying to figure this out.

Thank you

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Hi @don_perkins - Topic and Showcase only show as options as the Communication Site is being created, and only apply to the home page of the site. After that, the Page Templates are just Blank, Visual and Basic Text regardless of having chosen a Topic, Showcase or Blank as the Communication Site.


You can add some of the same web parts to a new page and save it as a template, but it won't perfectly mimic the landing page of the site.

Thank you Kelly E!
Now that i know this i can figure out how to set things up in a way that will (have to) work!
thank you!