Teams room calendar in SharePoint modern.

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Hi All 


Will start by saying i haven't a clue what i am doing...


Ive been building the new company intranet for a couple of weeks using office 365 SharePoint, i went with a SharePoint modern site using the built in web parts and its exactly what we want, a few places I've had to embed html but otherwise its good. One thing that's been asked for is the ability to see the Microsoft teams room calendars so people arnt just sending email after email to book slots that are already taken. The only web part i can see is for a group calendar, which the teams room calendar isnt a group calendar.  Ive done some googling and things started to go down a rabbit hole i had no knowledge in, like building custom web parts with html and java scripts, or building a Microsoft power app that references the teams room calendar... basically to the point where my knowledge breaks down. I am a 2nd line support engineer not a developer. Ive looked at web parts but a lot of them what a subscription. Does anyone have any suggestions please? 

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