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Hi everyone, I created a Teams group and added a private Channel, and then I set different group permission for Teams SharePoint and Channel SharePoint. But right now I cannot add a new group or add member to Channel SharePoint.


Following is Team Site Permission Setting Page, which is normal and has everything I need

Teams Site GroupsTeams Site GroupsTeams Site Group Members Group PermissionTeams Site Group Members Group Permission



Following is Channel Site Permission Setting Page. There is no [Create Groups]

Channel Site GroupsChannel Site Groups

And When I clicked the Members Group, the [New]-->[Add Users] was missing.

Channel Site Group Members Group PermissionChannel Site Group Members Group Permission



Thanks for your replying in advance.

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I believe what you are seeing is just but design and Microsoft has deliberatively hide those options for a private channel. I would try to do the same, but in a programmatic way to see if the limitations are still there

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks Juan, but I did created several groups and added in private channel in last week. I don't know why it disappeared right now.

I found this from Microsoft - it is a bit vague though, as I I know I was able to add/modify SharePoint groups in private channel sites previously.

Updated: As of Oct 7 2021
A private channel site syncs data classification and inherits guest access permissions from the site of the parent team. Membership to the site owner and member groups are kept in sync with the membership of the private channel within Teams. Site permissions for a private channel site can't be managed independently through SharePoint.

Hi @Sere977

Indeed, Microsoft hid in the UI the possibility to modify the Site permissions linked a Private Channel.  

However, you could (even if it is not recommended...) modify them through PowerShell, Graph or even Power Platform. 


An example with PowerShell : 


$tenant = "yourtenant"
$site = "yoursite"
$user = "username"
$group = "yourgroup"
Add-SPOUser -Group $yourgroup -LoginName $username@$ -Site https://$$site