teams private channel SharePoint site not showing content types from hub

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Please am trying to add content types from our Content Type Hub for the SPO site of Private Channel.


While I can enable content types usage in document libraries I cannot see / add any content types from our content type hub.


The Issue does not occur on normal SPO sites. I noticed in Site Settings the private channel does not have the same options for Content Types & Term Stores.


Can you please advise how we go about enabling this functionality for Teams Private Channel SPO sites or if it is not supported.


Thank you

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I see now that we can't add them the classic way (from the library/list settings), but via the library/list front end (modern) using the column header drop-down:

That said, I get an error every time I try and add it this way regardless of which custom content type I choose - "Sorry, there was a problem adding this content type. Please try again."

I'll be submitting a support ticket with Microsoft for yet again another new feature rolled out that doesn't work.

@IBN - I remembered I had this issue before and had to activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure in the Site Collection Features. Once you do, you can deactivate it and things will still work as prior to the site is missing the content type publishing area in the settings, but after will still be there. So there's something in the back-end of that (my guess) that's required to add custom content types.

I have the same issue in a SharePoint Site, I tried to enable the SharePoint server publishing Infrastructure feature but without luck. I'm still receiving the error: "Sorry, there was a problem adding this content type. Please try again."


Does anyone have the solution for this?

This will also add a steaming pile of unnecessary things to the Site Collection and should NEVER be done in a Modern site (or any other kind of site, these days).

@Jim Duncan and all - this is also no longer an issue with modern content type publishing. If the content type is created in the modern SP admin center it will be available to add to a list/library in a private channel SP site via the modern interface. Click "New column" when viewing any list view and the option to add content types is there vs the back-end settings page (classic). 

@vwyankee Are you sure about that?

I just tested it and found this to not be true.


I created a new Private Channel, went to the Document Library of the site, and clicked Add column>Content type:





The dropdown is disabled :cry:

@Jim Duncan - I see the same thing as you when I try in a tenant that has no custom content types. In my other tenants I see all custom content types, even those that were created years ago in the classic Content Type Hub. Are you sure you have custom content types in your tenant?

@vwyankee Did you test with a new Private Channel site in your environment that has custom content types? I find that existing Private Channel sites that were created ~1 month ago don't have that drop-down disabled, but new ones created in the last week or so do.


Even with the older Private Channel sites where the drop-down isn't disabled, adding a custom content type that includes a Managed Metadata column will fail (unless you first activate the taxonomyFieldAdded feature w/ PowerShell).


Getting back to this, yes, I see the same thing as you and would agree it's a bug. Another MS step back with an update making things more difficult. SMH