Teams + Planner can they replace the Sharepoint project site?

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Dear All,


After a couple of weeks using Teams and Planner, I was wondering to replace the Project site Template by Teams and Planner Tools. What do you think about this decision? The tasks list in the SharePoint Project site is not userfriendly... you must be owner to add the task to the timeline.... Moreover I think that Planner has more visual impact than the task and timeline components. Thank you for your advice.



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It's getting better but I still don't think Planner is there yet. They really need to do something about the comments peice on each task not sending or going to the group mailbox. And also implement better archiving or tasks.

Yeah SharePoint is ugly, but the amount of functionality you can get out of the list(or task list) is unmatched. With Flow, and workflows, and alerts, you can basically build out any task/list to do whatever process you want. With planner your locked into it's basic functionality. Sure it's def. more visually appealing, but it's main function is for high level Task management IMO.

So really depends how in depth and how much your tasks change will depend on if it's viable. If you have alot of traffic and tasks changes/ assignments and processes tied to managing those tasks your still better off using SharePoint list for that. If it's high level , lower rate of change and more big picture management, Planner is really close, just stay away from using comments on cards unless you want e-mail mayhem and confusion to ensue :).
Also, Teams is really great for Project management communications thou! I didn't even touch on that. The biggest piece is the task management part thou. Sine Planner has improved alot thou, and if you do your channels right you can have a plan on each channel to manage tasks for those topics. But rolling up those tasks etc. to a big picture are difficult.. With a SharePoint list, you can have custom columns define each step, or "channel" then have a view that rolls it all up.

So I mean it really just comes down to your requirements on the task part determine which way to go. Start with Planner, if it doesn't meet your needs, expand back into SharePoint.

Are you talking about Project web app in O365 or just the Tasks list in Sharepoint

I don't think planner or teams quite have the functionality to replace MS Project. With wide range of features and in-depth capabilities and amount of control it provides over projects MS Project is the best tool. 

If it's just tasks webpart in sharepoint , i like planner lot more with intuitive ui to create tasks easily, track tasks using dashboards, easily assign tasks to users but still it has some limitations before it can completely replace tasks webpart.

Agreed - and it needs to be super easy to create a task from email. Not quite there yet.

Yes I am talking about the task list

I think that's making really hard work of things. The Project Site template is easy to amend, ensures governance over what you are doing and provides the flexibility of including additional webparts. Remember your project data needs to reside in EITHER Project Online or Planner (not both) and a hybrid option is really the way to go since you can't then get any sensible resource workload data. Planner is super lightweight and has very little functionality at the end of the day. Its suitable only for small groups and small projects, but if you are working in a company environment then Project online is the way to go for sure. :)