Teams Event Links Break when Added to a SharePoint Online Page

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We are having an issue where the @ character in Teams event links is being converted to %40 which in a normal URL would work but makes the link invalid with Teams events. Is there a way to prevent this happening?

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We are experiencing the same issues and are having to manually edit the links in SP back to "@" to make them function. This started happening with the latest revision to Teams (Create Webinar) and does not occur if using an older version to create events as they do not include the "@" in the link (our experience.) Some additional context for what we've seen:

When I copy/paste the link out of our doc of links, it has “@”in the URL.
When I save the page draft, it has “@” in the URL.
But, once I refresh the page, the “@” transforms into "%40" instead.
This leads to a page unavailable error when selecting the link in SP.



I am having the exact same issue. 


if you manage to get it resolved or a workaround, can you please let me know? It's driving me mad! 


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We were having the same issue. I tried all the different webparts and had the same issue in all of them. The only way I could see to get around it was to shorten the link using a site like as this then removed the @ in the original link. Seems to be working so far.

Was also having this issue. Shortened links using Bitly as a workaround.
Excellent, thanks for sharing Katy, got them working now; greatly appreciated!