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I have 1 site collection, where I have created multiple team sites over the last 2 years. A request has come through asking if I can group these by the year they were created. 


Is there an easy way to find this out? Once I find that how do I group them? 




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Is this SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server?

Hi Andres, it is SharePoint Online. 

Ok so you have subsite creation enabled?


Or do you mean different SharePoint Sites in SharePoint Online?


Have a look at this SharePoint Online: Get Site Collection Created Date using PowerShell - SharePoint Diary

Hi Andres. There is the site collection --> sub sites within so a parent --> child scenario. 


I know I can go to SharePoint Admin to see when site collections have been created but I want to see when the sub sites were created. Is there a non-PowerShell way at all? 


Oh Ok, I understand better now.


There is a Created column if  you go to the Site Contents - Subsites list, does that work for you?


Otherwise the other options to use are indeed PowerShell

I went into Site Contents and only have a Modified column not a Created one.




Is the URL you are looking at ending like this?




Here is a good example of how to get all the subsites under a Site with PowerShell:

Yes it is but only have site name and modified, no other options. 

Hi Juan


Even if I get all the dates from the PowerShell, I still need to group or tag them against the year so that there is a list available within SharePoint Online that users can search on. 


I think a better option might be, when creating a sub site put the year (2022) or 2023 after the title name. I can then do a filter on the Content Search Query to look for it.