Tasks missing on Modern SharePoint site

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I'm missing Task App/List in SharePoint sites created as modern share point sites.

I think it's Microsoft intended policy but I can't find any solid information about it and  how to enable task list or any other "classic" Apps on modern SharePoint site.

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That's odd, my groups sites have it by default. If you go to add an app, and search tasks it doesn't show? The only thing it might be, go to site settings for the site. Then in the Site Actions section go to Manage Site Features. The Team Collaboration Lists should be active to get those lists to show, if that's not on that might be your issue.
Thank You Very much, it was it!

This resolved my issue as well.

Thank you for posting it!


The reasoning behind having this feature disabled by default eludes me.


I do quite a bit with Tasak and Calendar in SharePoint Online but without these in Modern UX I need to stay with Classic UX.  I would also like persistant Skype for Business chat rooms in SharePoint Online. and Office files to open in Read again instead of Edit by users really do not like the lock-outs, the inadvertent edit, etc.

This solution worked perfectly for me! Thanks!!

Will this work from Modern UI and does it take up to 24 hours to update to your site once you activate?