Target Audience not working for Modern UI

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I read a post from Martin Kleynhans on Uncompiled Audience Target on Modern SharePoint View - when we add Audience Target on a navigation link then changes takes place after a week:


Following it I added Target Audience to left hand side navigation menu last Monday 8-Jun-2020 12:00 PM IST. When I checked today link visibility was behaving as it did 1 week earlier. I will explain you my steps and please let me know what mistake I am making.


My Requirement: Out of 5 left hand side navigation menus there are 3 links which should be visible to only application administrators.


My Problem: When I set Target audience in navigation menu the link became hidden from me and after 1 week also link is hidden. Group that I added to Target Audience I am owner of that group.


Steps involved in setting up Target Audience:


1) I enabled Target Audience feature on the List.

2) Set it to open in Modern view by default.

3) Created and Office 365 group in Outlook, made myself and one more user as Owner of the group - attachment O365 Group.

4) In my Outlook I can see this new group - attachment Outlook Groups.

5) I went to the SharePoint site and enabled Target Audience in the menu.

6) I then set the Target Audience to the group which I created in Outlook - attachment Setting Up Target Audience.

7) After 1 week still I am not seeing the link in which I set up the Target Audience - attachment Links Missing.



Deepansh Saxena

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I do have the same problem. Did you found any solution?

@michaelkammerer , @Deepansh0711 ,


I have the same issue. Did you find any solution to it?