Take off weekends and leave only weekdays - SharePoint list column formula

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Hello All,


I have two columns dates(Start Date and Submission Date) in a SharePoint List.

I create another column and called it Days Left. 

Days Left=Submission Date-Today's date


I created a formula which looks like this:

=((DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Submission Date],"D"))-INT(DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Submission Date],"D")/7)*2-IF((WEEKDAY([Submission Date])-WEEKDAY(TODAY()))<0,2,0)+1)


1-) The formula works but it does not give me the correct result.

2-) It gives this error (#NUM! )where there is no date or wrong date. How can I remove/hide this error.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks in advanced.




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