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Hi all, just wandering if anyone had some ideas how to setup the following in SharePoint Online.

I have a site that displays a Word document (could use another app) that shows the status (green / amber / red) of some of our services.  This is a manual process and is good but we want to be able to have another idicator on our main SharePoint page - so an image or text box that shows either green/amber/red if any of the services are affected.


So if the word doc which uses a table has only green status fields, the image/text on the main SharePoint site will be Green with a status of All Services UP

But if one of the fields are Amber or Red, the main SharePoint page will show as either amber or red.


The word document could be a list instead if it has to be.


Any ideas as to how I would do this ?

I wanted to keep to a small image/text on the main SharePoint page.




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@GaryS123  I would suggest giving a try to low code no code option that is PowerApp as you said any other app will be good,


here is a very comprehensive docs about Power apps I am sure exploring this wouldn't hurt as you could do much more using Sharepoint, Sharepoint lists, and PowerApps, besides there are some automation using PowerAutomate (previously known Flows) and Some PowerBi for reporting and dashboards.

@GaryS123 why don't you just add the status into a SharePoint list as a Choice column and you can then format the column with Red, Amber and Green out-of-the-box:





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@RobElliott  Thanks, yes I have done that it looks good on my status page which may have up to 12 services listed but I was then after a way to show a summary on our main sharepoint page so if all services were green, it would somehow indicate that on the main page, if we had any amber services, it would just have an amber sign/message and if any red services, a red sign/message.  


Just wanted a short/small indicator on the main page and if the 'indicator' was not green they could click and go to our service page.


I'll take a look at powerapps too.


 @PDostiyar thanks will have a look at the link.


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@GaryS123 the way I would do that is to have a separate list for the main page dashboard and use a flow in Power Automate.  You could get the status from several lists all in that flow and update the overall status column in the main list.


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Thanks @RobElliott