Synching sharepoint documents in Onedrive for Mac to different partitions

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Hi Community,

isn't it possible any longer to change your sync location towards another partition on Mac M1 devices with actual MacOs? It looks like only symbolic links are created but files are really located in user library.

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Hi @Marcel_Br ,


when you sign in for the first time to your OneDrive, you can change the location. See below. And you can point to even external drive.





However, if you are already signed in, you will have to Unlink your computer and sign in back.


To have files on the computer, use option Always Keep on this device.




@Adin_Calkic Thanks for your feedback. Will try out with unlink.

Anytime, that should do the trick. I use that every time.
Hi Adin,
we tried it yesterday without luck. Is your machine also with M1 chip?

Hi @Marcel_Br ,


Yes, my Mac is M1. Keep in mind that you can't do this with external drives, partition needs to be on the device + it can't be case sensitive. 


This is what I have:

- two partitions

- OneDrive is also Insider preview.